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Unicorn Magic Hair Chox Glitter Kit
Unicorn Magic Hair Chox Glitter Kit
Unicorn Magic Hair Chox Glitter Kit
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Stand out from the crowd and sparkle like a unicorn with the Unicorn Magic Hair Chox Glitter Kit. Use the Hair Chox pens to add temporary colour wherever you want! Accent your new colour with glitter - the styling options are endless! Hair Chox easily washes out with your next shampoo.

Change your hair colour every day with these Hair Chox colouring pens. Whether it the Monday "Blues" or the Friday "Pink" it's up to you to decide if your hair will be one, two or even three colours. Add sparkle to the look with the enclosed hair gel and 3 glitter colours. All products are temporary and wash out easily.


  • Hair Chox pens make it easy to add colour to your hair
  • Accent your new hair colour with glitter
  • Easy to wash out colour with shampoo
  • Multiple colours

Includes (4) Hair Chox pens, (3) glitter pads, (1) hair gel tube.

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