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Showcase Trunk Stand Organizer (In-Store Only)
Showcase Trunk Stand Organizer (In-Store Only)
Showcase Trunk Stand Organizer (In-Store Only)

Showcase Trunk Stand Organizer (In-Store Only)

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Hit The Road Organized!

Ideal for commuters, travelers and parents on-the-go, the Trunk Stand Organizer is the perfect way to keep your things organized and safe! You'll never have to worry about things rolling around and getting damaged while you drive again! The Trunk Stand Organizer will keep your groceries, plants, totes, hockey bags and more snug as a bug!

Easy To Install!

With its pre-installed magic velcro stickers and anti-slip grip, this organizer can be installed in seconds! It's unique curved designed makes this organizer versatile for all kinds of sizes of trunks. It's small frame ensures it doesn't take up ANY additional space in your trunk!

Essential For Road Trips!

Pack more in smaller spaces with the Trunk Stand Organizer! Keep your groceries compact, and your VERY important case of beer safe and damage-free! Get ready for adventures with the family with this summer essential!

Product Highlights

  • Ideal for car truck organizer position fixed.

  • Ensure your stuff will not shake even if the road is bumpy.

  • PP material, exquisite design, is safe and durable.

  • Bottom magic sticker design to make sure it is anti-slip.

  • Unique shape, simple style, easy to install.

  • Individual product dimensions = 19cm x 14cm x 11.5cm (7.48in x 5.5in x 4.53in)
  • Includes (1) trunk stand organizer
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