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Smart Fitness Abs & Muscle Stimulator | EMS Body Toning Machine
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Get The Body You've Always Dreamed Of!

The Abs & Muscle Stimulator is a low-impact way to get the body of your dreams! This amazing innovation uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation Technology to directly stimulate muscle growth through current stimulation. It firms, tightens, and relaxes your core muscles, and you'll see results after ONLY two or more months of consecutive use! Why bother wasting money month-to-month on a gym membership and a personal trainer? Sometimes you're simply too tired to leave the house for the gym, and some machines are too rough on the body. With the Abs & Muscle Stimulator, you can sit back and relax at home, and let the device do all the work!

High-Intensity, Low-Impact Workout Anywhere, Anytime!

The Abs & Muscle Stimulator can help you burn fat, lose weight, massage your sore muscles and develop core abdominal muscles into the six-pack you've always wanted. Designed to train your abdominal, arm, leg, hip & waist muscles, the Ab & Muscle Stimulator requires just 20 minutes per day (5 times per week). Those 20 minutes are equivalent to a 1.5km run, or a 30-minute swim! The Ab & Muscle Stimulator uses high-quality, soft polyurethane pads, in conjunction with gel packs, to prevent skin irritation. The construction also allows for increased electrical conductivity and a weight-reducing design that improves the portability of the device.

The Ab & Muscle Stimulator includes 6 operational modes, with 10 levels of stimulation. From Warm-Up to High-Intensity interval training, each level can be precisely refined using the included controller.

The Ab & Muscle Stimulator is lightweight and portable. Throw it in your carry-on for business or leisure trips, or wear it under loose clothing to exercise in public, or in the comfort of your own home while you read or watch TV. The possibilities are endless!

Product Includes:

  • 1 Controller unit

  • 2 arm/leg pads

  • 1 abdominal pad


Do not use if you wear a pacemaker

Do not position pads near heart

Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy

Do not use if you have undergone recent surgery

Do not use while operating motor vehicles or heavy machinery

Do not use if you suffer from poor blood circulation

Do not use if you are pregnant or experiencing postpartum

Do not use if you are undergoing cancer treatment

Do not use if you have allergies or sensitivities to Hydrogel

Do not operate near microwave signals

Do not use near water

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