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Scuba Buddy Full Face Mask
Scuba Buddy Full Face Mask
Scuba Buddy Full Face Mask

Scuba Buddy Full Face Mask

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Get Ready For Some Deep Sea Diving!

Explore lakes, rivers, and oceans with the Scuba Buddy Full Face Mask! Great for children and adults alike, you can dive right in to some amazing deep sea adventures with this scuba mask. Dual airflow anti-fog technology allows you to breathe under water comfortably while also breathing naturally on land! Built with an auto-lock seal, you can be assured NO water is leaking in to this mask. With its 180° view, Scuba Buddy provides a superior under water exploration experience! The Scuba Buddy Full Face Mask is 2019's HOTTEST summer essential. Great for the cottage, vacations, beach-goers, pool owners, and more! You'll indefinitely keep the kids busy this Summer with Scuba Buddy!

Product Highlights

  •  Dual Airflow Anti-Fog Technology

  • Sealed for superior leak protection

  • Drain valve - If water does enter the mask, you can raise your head above water and the drain valve will quickly expel water.

  • 180° view

  • Medical grade silicone, soft, durable, odor free

  • Elastic headband does NOT pull your hair, and is super easy to put on

  • Available in 2 sizes: S-M (recommended for young children or smaller women) or L-XL (recommended for men or larger children)

 Note: Mask on model may not be identical to actual product. 

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