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Reading Neck Light
Reading Neck Light
Reading Neck Light
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Shine A Light Wherever You Need It

The Reading Neck Light does more than just help you read. Including 4 LEDs total, the Reading Neck Light comes with 2 LEDs in each arm, 1 spotlight LED and 1 wide-angle LED. The soft rubber grip neck pad and foam rubber covered wire arms allows the Reading Neck Light to rest easy on your neck while allowing you to bend the light in the direction you need it. Whether you want to use it for reading, or look at something in the dark, or even to replace a tire at night, the Reading Neck Light will give you the light you need.


  • 4 LEDs total (2 per arm)
  • Light-level control
  • Soft rubber grip neck pad
  • Foam rubber covered wire arms
  • USB-powered rechargeable batter for longer use
  • Stereo light
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