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PopSockets Swappable PopTops | Charmed Eye
PopSockets Swappable PopTops | Charmed Eye
PopSockets Swappable PopTops | Charmed Eye
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To Swap or Not To Swap?

PopSockets is continuously leading the way with amazing new smart device accessories. Now PopSockets is introducing the new PopTops! Swappable and completely customizable, you can now interchange your PopTops with ease! Swap out your PopTop based on your morning "feels", to match your #OOTD, or just because! 

Product Highlights

  • New PopGrip and PopTop designs allow for easy swap-ability

  • Now wireless charging compatible through easy removal of the PopTop

  • Offers a secure grip so you can text with one hand and snap better photos hands-free

  • Functions as a convenient stand so you, family, and friends can enjoy watching videos together!

  • Can be re-positioned, and sticks to most devices and cases (note: may not stick to silicone or waterproof cases)

  • Allows for hands-free use with the use of a PopGripPopMounts

  • Dimensions: 39.74mm x 7mm

  • Expands up to: 24.25mm

  • Sticks best to hard and smooth cases

  • Will NOT stick to silicone, highly textured cases, and many soft cases. 

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