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Perfect Cushion™
Perfect Cushion™
Perfect Cushion™
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The World's Most Comfortable Seat Cushion!

Sitting at a desk all day and your back is killing you? Are you a commuter dreading that long drive? Now you don't have to continue living in discomfort with the Perfect Cushion™! The perfect companion for long drives, office chairs, wheelchairs, or even just your dining room chair - Perfect Cushion™ keeps you comfortable and helps you enjoy your fullest life. The perfect holiday gift idea for family & friends, colleagues, commuters, and even students!

With its Orthopedic design, and triple gel and foam layers, Perfect Cushion™ helps reduce aches and pains while also promoting healthy posture and proper alignment!

Its unique cut-away design allows your tail bone to float above the seat, so there is no unnecessary added pressure to this region. Designed to cradle and support your weight, Perfect Cushion provides maximum comfort so you can perform at your very best. With a fleece top, no-slip grip surface, and built-in handle, Perfect Cushion™ epitomizes portability. 

Product Highlights

  • The perfect blend of state-of-the-art orthopedic foam & therapeutic gel

  • Features a cut-away orthopedic design allowing your tailbone to float above the seat

  • Helps to reduce the pressure that causes aches & pains from prolonged sitting

  • Turn that hard dining room chair into a soft cozy seat

  • Designed with a soft fleece top, no-slip grip surface & a built-in handle for portability

  • Includes a BONUS machine-washable cover

  • Measures approx. 17" x 13” x 3”

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