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no!no! ULTRA Hair Removal Device

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no!no! ULTRA Hair Removal Device
no!no! ULTRA Hair Removal Device
no!no! ULTRA Hair Removal Device
no!no! ULTRA Hair Removal Device
no!no! ULTRA Hair Removal Device
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A Whole New Approach to Hair Removal &  Beauty Treatments

 A whole new approach to beauty, no!no!® ULTRA  is the first no!no! hair removal device that doubles  as an all inclusive beauty tool. no!no! ULTRA uses  Pulsed Thermicon™ Technology and Dynamic  Speed Control for a simple, painless hair removal  treatment that customizes your experience.  ULTRA is the only device compatible with Beauty  Tips such as UltraClean for advanced cleansing or MicroMassage for serum application.

The no!no! Advantage

Finally, there is a solution that gives you professional results in the comfort of your own home! Our new patented Pulsed Thermicon Technology gives a boost of power to effectively treat and remove hair faster than ever before! With the no!no! ULTRA, you no longer need to hassle with the inconvenience of enduring painful professional treatments.

You can use the no!no! whenever and wherever you want – while still getting weeks of long lasting results with our new patented Pulsed Thermicon Technology.

Get Sexy, Smooth skin with no pain!


One of no!no!’s unique innovations is the development of a thermodynamic wire to transmit heat to the hair. Thermicon uses the scientific principles of thermal transference to conduct a gentle pulse of heat.

By adding the pulse to the original Thermicon™ technology no!no! PRO is able to treat hair at a higher treatment level, with the same painless comfort that no!no! Hair is known for.

The patented thermodynamic wire and built in safety mechanisms have enabled no!no! to adapt this professional hair removal technology for safe and effective use within the comfort of your home.

New and Improved!

no!no! ULTRA transmits up to 35% more energy and power than original no!no! hair removal devices, for faster more effective results than ever before. New Dynamic Speed Control also allows the unit to provide consistent Thermicon heat, that is more effective when travelling over difficult contours of the body.

no!no! is safe and effective for:

  • Facial and body hair*, including the bikini line
  • Men and women
  • All hair and skin colors

How it Works (with Thermicon Tip)

  • Simply turn on no!no! ULTRA to activate the Thermicon technology. Red and blue lights will indicate if you are using it properly
  • Glide slowly over skin. It is pain-free and safe for all skin colours. No more pulling, shaving, scraping, waxing. All you feel is gentle warmth.
  • Hair is instantly crystallized and removed providing silky smooth skin for weeks! No more worry, stress, pain or embarrassment of unwanted hair.


  • Three customizable treatment levels
  • LCD status screen
  • Pulsed Thermicon Technology
  • Dynamic Speed Control
  • Battery icon indicator
  • Rechargeable and cordless
  • Compatible with Beauty Tips*

    Beauty Tip Attachments (Sold Separately)

    Only the new no!no! ULTRA has the ability to double as an all inclusive beauty tool. Customize your experience with the UltraClean for advanced cleansing and the MicroMassage for deep serum application.

    no!no! UltraClean

    Used for advanced cleansing, UltraClean cleanses better and deeper than traditional methods. Massage away impurities and make-up with rotating action in just a minute while cleansing deeply so skin better absorbs your favorite skincare products.

    no!no! MicroMassage

    Make the most of your favorite serums and skincare products.  With continuous micro massaging action, MicroMassage leaves skin feeling energized and encourages thorough application of skincare products.

    What's Included:

    • no!no! ULTRA Device
    • Two Narrow Thermicon Tips
    • Two Wide Thermicon Tips
    • One Large Buffer
    • Cleaning Brush
    • Charging Adapter
    • Getting Started Guide
      *Not for use on genitals or the nipple area
      *Beauty tips sold separately
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