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Laugh & Lose Game (By Showcase) | Family Edition

Laugh & Lose Game (By Showcase) | Family Edition

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Laugh & Lose, the ULTIMATE Dad Joke Showdown.

Do you love all the Dad Joke battles you're seeing on YouTube right now, with celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell facing off to see who can keep a straight face? Laugh & Lose is OUR version of this exciting new trend! Compete in the ULTIMATE dad joke showdown!  Earn points for your team by registering laughs from opposing players with some really BAD jokes (we think they're pretty funny). The catch...!? You've gotta keep a straight face when making your opponent laugh!

Here's how it works. Decide your teams which should be even numbered. Minimum 1 on 1 play. Each player should draw 20 cards or more depending on longer games. Players from opposing teams should be seated across from each other with one 'joke teller' per team. Teammates then 'tag-in' later. Players should first shake hands (elaborate handshakes are encouraged).

Decide who goes first with a simple game of rock-paper-scissors. Keeping your cards hidden, the joke teller should attempt to deliver a joke from one of their cards to the opposing team's joke teller. To register a point, you must make your opponent laugh audibly without laughing yourself. Your are encouraged to make silly faces, noises and sound effects etc. If you laugh however, your opponent also gets a point.

Once your joke is delivered, it's the other team's turn to do the same. This concludes one round of play. At the conclusion of a single round, the joke tellers may remain, or a teammate may 'tag-in' by slapping a joke teller's hand. The new joke teller takes the old one's seat and the game continues using the rules described earlier until each player has exhausted all their cards.

Feel like a challenge? Try playing with the included special rules (see page 3 of your instructions) for some extra fun! Have some fun with ad libbing, double points, blank cards and more! Will YOU be king of Dad Jokes? Well, if that makes you feel good about yourself then go for it! Get yours today exclusively at Showcase!


  • Over 200 of the world's raunchiest, cheesiest & silliest dad jokes
  • The ultimate dad joke showdown game
  • Make your friends and family laugh for days
  • Tag in/out with your friends if you think you can't hold the giggles
  • Makes a great gift for the family
  • Also a great expansion to the Adult Edition

Includes 200 Printed Joke Cards, 300 Blank Cards & Instructions.
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