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Herbal Select Organic Erythritol (500 Grams)

Herbal Select Organic Erythritol (500 Grams)

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Naturally Sourced, Calorie-Free Sweetener

Erythritol is a wonderfully sweet way to avoid sugar and all of its calories. Organic Erythritol from Herbal Select is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol derived from non-GMO, organic corn. With a clean, sweet taste and zero calories, it is an ideal substitute for refined cane sugar in all your favourite recipes. With the natural sweetness of Herbal Select Erythritol, there's really no need to ever use processed, refined sugar again.


  • Organic and naturally sourced alternative to refined sugar
  • Refreshing, clean and sweet taste, about 70% the sweetness of refined sugar
  • Non-GMO with zero calories
  • Low Glycemic index/impact that won't contribute to tooth decay
  • Great for persons adopting a calorie or sugar reduced diet
  • The perfect alternative to harmful processed and refined sugars
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