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Grumblies TREMOR
Grumblies TREMOR
Grumblies TREMOR
Grumblies TREMOR
Grumblies TREMOR
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Don't Make Them Meltdown!

Grumblies are interactive creatures that liver secretly from mankind & react when you poke, flip & shake them. The more you mess with them, the grumblier they get! Legend tells that the mischievous and short-tempered, Grumblies’ powerful tantrums are the root source of mother nature’s awesome power! Some have tried to separate and tame them, but be warned...Messing with Grumblies could lead to and epic...MELTDOWN!

Tremor is an earth grumblie! Earth Grumblies are hard-headed and crusty, causing earthquakes and landslides. Tremor’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s definitely the gassiest. “Better out than in” he always says.

How To Play

Messing with Grumblies is fun! But if you’re going to provoke them, get ready for a meltdown.
Here’s some sure-fire ways to get them riled up:

  • Poke Them: Poke a sleeping Grumbly in the belly and you’ll startle them awake. Keep poking and there may be gassy consequences.

  • Flip Them: Flip Grumblies around and upside down. Warning: May cause dizziness, belching and tossing of cookies. Eeeewwww.

  • Shake Them: Not grumpy enough? Time to shake things up. Shake Grumblies back and forth to send them into hysterics.

  • MELTDOWN Imminent: You can also try rolling, juggling or smacking Grumblies. The only real rule is don’t follow the rules!

  • Hot Potato: Toss Grumblies back and forth…maybe give ‘em a quick shake before passing. But whatever you do, don’t get caught with shaking Grumblies in your hands!


  • No nurturing here - Poke, shake, tilt and roll them
  • The more you mess with them the angrier they become, try to get them to full meltdown mode!
  • More than 40 different reactions and custom sounds
  • Each grumblie has his own personality, sounds & design
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (included)
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