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Flex Seal Liquid Rubber
Flex Seal Liquid Rubber
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Why Flex Seal?

Do you have a roof that seems to have a mysterious leak that comes and goes? Do you have gutters that leak from their seams and it just happens to be right over your front door? Do you have a pipe under your sink that leaves you the gift of a puddle in your cabinet every so often?

Flex Seal is a wonderful product that makes many common household repairs quick and easy to do, from the roof to the bathroom sink. It is essentially a liquid rubber that you can just spray on to any surface that you want and since it is waterproof, many people like to use it to fix leaks, repair pipes, or even repair shingles. Flex Seal spray is simply a flexible, versatile tool for every home owner.

Flex seal is the easiest way to quickly repair roof leaks, PVC pipes, air conditioning systems, boats and much more. It is durable, paintable, and sticks to nearly anything including wet surfaces.


  • Easy to use spray can
  • Coats, seals, and stops leaks fast
  • Liquid rubber
  • Unaffected by extreme heat or cold
  • Includes (1) Flex Seal in selected colour
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