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DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kit With Frame | RAINBOW TREE | 30 CM x 30 CM
DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kit With Frame | RAINBOW TREE | 30 CM x 30 CM
DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kit With Frame | RAINBOW TREE | 30 CM x 30 CM

DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kit With Frame | RAINBOW TREE | 30 CM x 30 CM

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The Hot New Trend In Craft Stress Relief

People are always looking for new ways to relieve stress in fun & exciting ways. From last year's adult colouring books to this year's DIY chunky blankets, new crafts are always welcome. Well here's something brand new that will amaze you! 5D Diamond Paintings let you create beautiful mosaics without needing to be an artist.

Pick your canvas up and you're basically ready to create. Making diamond paintings can help to relieve stress, develop active thinking and is just plain fun. You'll spend hours through this exciting process and when finished you'll have a grand masterpiece that's already framed and ready to be displayed! They're also great for passing time quickly or as an activity with the family, so get one for everyone!

How It Works

Every 5D Diamond Painting comes with everything you need from start to finish. That's one adhesive framed canvas with film covering, number coded beads by colour, application tool, adhesive pad & plastic tray to hold beats. Simply follow the steps below at your own leisure to finish your painting:

  • Think colour by numbers but instead of coloured markers you're using coloured beads.

  • Apply adhesive from the small pink pad onto the applicator tool. This is how it picks up each bead.

  • Peel away part of the film (do not remove completely) covering the adhesive canvas and stick your bead (labeled by number) to the corresponding number on the canvas.

  • It's recommended to do one colour at a time.

  • When you've finished a session, re-cover with film and press lightly with your hand to further secure the beads to the the adhesive.

  • Keep covered with film when not in use repeat the above whenever you'd like to work on your painting.

  • When completely finished, remove the film covering the canvas and you're ready to display with the built-in frame.


  • Canvas measures 30 cm x 30 cm
  • Helps to relieve stress and stimulate your mind
  • A great activity to do with the kids (adult supervision required)
  • Makes a great gift for family & friends
  • Create a lasting and unique piece of art
  • Includes frame so you can easily display your work of art
  • Easel/stand not included
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