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Crystal Photography Sphere 80mm
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The PERFECT accessory for the PERFECT Instagram phone

Many photographers see this as the ideal size for their refraction photography. There are a lot of good reasons why you should also use this size of sphere.

Weight – This is a little heavier, but still not noticeable. So it’s a nice thing to carry in your camera bag to add a bit more creativity to your work.

Size – This is a decent size, though you might not fit this ball into a small space. The ball will fill a nice portion of your frame with a standard lens, using a macro is optional at this size.

Focus and distortion – By this size, the sweet spot area of focus within the ball dominates the scene inside the ball, and distortions at the edge are much less noticeable.


Crystal ball size:80mm=3.14 inches with a crystal stand
Solid K9 crystal glass ball high quality, flawless, no bubbles, scratch free
No lead, 100% clear
Comes in giftable box


Crystal spheres act like a magnifying glass in direct sunlight and can cause burns or start a fire. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and when not in use we recommend storing your Crystal Sphere in its cloth pouch.

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