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Creagami | Butterfly
Creagami | Butterfly
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Origami Taken To The Next Level!

Creagami is like no other origami kit on the market! Now you can easily create beautiful 3D origami in the comfort of your home. Centenarian Japanese art, which consists of folding sheets of paper in order to create colorful sculptures, stimulates the development of creativity and is often used to relax and relief stress. The repetitive folding of individual cards is ideal for the development of concentration and fine motor skills. The numerous sculptures that can be built are stunning as decorative accents/discussion pieces for the house.

What's Included?

The Creagami kit includes sheets of various colors dependent on the sculpture. Each kit includes 24 pre-cut cards, and a folding guide so you can easily make your own stunning 3D origami figures! Creagami is a unique gift idea for art & origami enthusiasts, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because! Creagami is the perfect summer activity for the family, and is a great way to spend some down-time at the cottage/trailer. 

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