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Chill Chest
Chill Chest
Chill Chest

Chill Chest

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The Light Weight, Foldable, Ice-Less Cooler!

Say goodbye to plug-in freezers, and bags of ice that just don't do the trick. Introducing the latest innovation in cooler technology - the Chill Chest! This amazing extra durable cooler holds up to 60 cans and keeps them cold for up to 10 hours without ANY ice at all! Temperature Lock Technology traps the cold inside keeping your food and beverages icy cold all day long! Chill Chest is on everyone's Summer essentials list, and is a must-have for cottage and beach goers, camping, tailgating, family BBQ's and more! You'll never want to leave home without it.

The Perfect All-Year Round Essential!

With its Temperature Lock Technology feature, Chill Chest not only keeps your food and beverages chilled, but will also keep them hot! This amazing cooler is the perfect accompaniment to picnics, potlucks, weddings, backyard parties, grocery shopping, holiday get-together's or anything you can think off! Have peace of mind Chill Chest will maintain the temperature of the food/drink you place inside it.

Strong enough to hold over 100 times its weight and weighs less than two pounds, the Chill Chest is built to last and is great for stacking! Portable, and easy to take with you wherever you go with its collapsible construction, Chill Chest is perfect for families on the go!

Product Highlights

  • Keeps food and beverages cold for up to 10 hours with no ice

  • 41 quart capacity holds up to 60 cans of beer

  • Cooler weighs less than 2lbs

  • Strong enough to hold 100x its weight

  • Keeps food cold or hot

  • Easily collapsible for portability

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