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Canada Green Hydro Grass Seed Kit
Canada Green Hydro Grass Seed Kit
Canada Green Hydro Grass Seed Kit

Canada Green Hydro Grass Seed Kit

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Get The Lawn Of Your Dreams In Just One Easy Step!

Unlike most grass seed kits,Canada Green Hydro Grass Seed is formulated to stick to the ground, preventing the seeds from washing away/get eaten by birds, and giving you a perfect lawn in just ONE easy application! Unlike regular grass seed mix, Hydro Grass will grow strong and fast wherever you spray it! It even grows on slopes and in poor soil areas. Professionals around the world have been using Hydro Seeding for decades to seed large areas. Now this incredible technology is available for residential use as well! Stop wasting money on expensive rolls of sod and regular lawn seed that leaves your grass patchy and uneven. Grab a Canada Green Hydro Grass Seed Kit today, and have luscious grass tomorrow!

Uniquely Formulated Mixture

Uniquely formula of all in one grass seed, mulch and fertilizer makes this seed kit one of the top seed kit brands available! The secret is the environmentally friendly ‘’Spray N’ Grow’’ technology, a special formula that locks the seeds in place while feeding them nutrients and retaining moisture, providing you a rich and lush lawn.

This seed kit is ideal for patch work due to pet spots, high-traffic/thinning areas, and sunny/shade prone areas. 

Product Highlights

  • Ideal for patch work. Covers Up to 700 sq. ft. (65 m2).

  • Kit includes: (1) seeding container, (1) spray head, (1) 500g 3-in-1 seed/fertilizer/ mulch mixture, (1) 59ml Hydro Grass Liquid Foaming Formula

  • Environmentally friendly seed mixture locks the seeds in place, ensuring you a lush lawn

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