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Buttheads -  Tushi (Ninja)
Buttheads -  Tushi (Ninja)
Buttheads -  Tushi (Ninja)

Buttheads - Tushi (Ninja)

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Who's Ready To Get Cheeky?

Meet the Buttheads: Grim Ripper, Tushi, Robutt, and Brainfart. A Ghastly Group who love to let it rip!

Three different ways to play: pull their finger for a gross surprise, prank your friends and family, and battle your friends to a stinky duel!

Compete "cheek to cheek" across a range of disciplines including Stank Score, Loudness, and Staying Power. Who will take home the coveted Super Roll trophy? Pull their fingers and find out! These Cheeky Champions are out to Raise a Stink!

Product Highlights

  • Tushi's blade always remains sharp for cutting the cheese! He is the master of cheek to cheek combat!
  • Prank your friends or battle and go butt to butt to see who is the master of farts.
  • 20+ sounds and effects
  • Smelly trading card included
  • Ages 5+
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