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BTS CD | Love Yourself: Answer Limited Edition Photobook Pack
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Join The Craze & Love Yourself!

BTS is one of the HOTTEST South Korean boy bands to hit North America! This suave group of artists is creating a craze that people cannot get enough of! Final release in the "Love Yourself" series from the hugely popular South Korean boy band! This deluxe limited edition CD & photo book is the perfect gift idea for BTS enthusiasts!

Contains twenty-five tracks, including six new songs, the formal release of several previously-revealed songs, solo material from the septet's vocalists, and alternate versions of their gold-certified hit singles "Fake Love" [#10 "Hot 100"], "DNA," and "Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)". Deluxe 2 X CD package with 4 artwork versions (S,E,L,F version), random photobook + mini book / sticker pack / random photocard.

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