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Beatball | Portable Ball Net Game
Beatball | Portable Ball Net Game

Beatball | Portable Ball Net Game

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North America's New Favorite Game!

Beatball is the perfect combination of volleyball and foursquare. This fast-paced game is everyone's new favorite hobby this summer. A game packed full of excitement and energy, Beatball will have you and the crew absolutely obsessed! An essential for the beach, park, cottage, and camping trips, Beatball is the perfect summer game for families, college students, colleagues, and friends. With its all-weather construction, have a BALL playing in rain or shine! It's easy-fold design makes it portable for families and friends on the go! Everyone will be playing Beatball in their backyard this summer - don't get left out!

How To Play

Step 1: The game is played 2-on-2

Step 2: To get the game started, the serving team spikes a ball off the net towards the opposing team

Step 3: The opposing team has up to 3 touches, alternating between the two players, to spike the ball off the net and back towards the serving team

Step 4: 360° of play - once the ball has been served, players can move and hit the ball from wherever they choose. There are NO boundaries! 

Step 5: When the ball hits the ground, rim, and/ bounces more than once on the net or isn't returned to the net in 3 touches, the opposing team receives a point

Product Specifications

  • 90cm x 20cm (35.43" x 7.87")

  • Includes (3) balls, (1) inflation pump, (1) easy-fold net, (1) fabric bag

  • Recommended for ages 4+ 

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