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Anti-Cellulite Suction Cup (2 Pack) | Assorted Colours
Anti-Cellulite Suction Cup (2 Pack) | Assorted Colours
Anti-Cellulite Suction Cup (2 Pack) | Assorted Colours
Anti-Cellulite Suction Cup (2 Pack) | Assorted Colours

Anti-Cellulite Suction Cup (2 Pack) | Assorted Colours

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The Simple, Inexpensive and Effective Method To Combat Cellulite

These small suction cups are the perfect help to combat cellulite. Up to 80% of women have cellulite problems for a number of reasons, from lifestyle factors, poor diet, poor blood circulation as well as genetics. The result is always the same, the skin is compressed by too many fat cells that block the small blood vessels and water circulation. This causes the unsightly 'orange peel' effect associated with cellulite.

Only a lymphatic drainage will help you to break these cells and eliminate cellulite.
Our suction cups are the natural and efficient solution against these unsightly irregularities and to recover a perfect skin. Now, you can easily, at home, reproduce a true manual suction cupping massage and get rid of cellulite on your thighs, buttocks, or belly without side effects.

Includes (2) Anti-Cellulite Suction Cups. Ships in assorted colours.


  • The easy solution to getting rid of cellulite around the body
  • Quality silicone massage cup therapy can help with weight loss, anti-aging, muscle relaxation & pain relief
  • Tone the skin and muscles of the face, cleanse facial pores, improve circulation and smooth wrinkles
  • Works for both men and women

How It Works?

Cellulite leads to the formation of clusters of adipocytes. As long as these groups remain grouped together, it will be impossible to eliminate them. With the anti-cellulite suction cup, you will deconstruct these clusters. As the massages continue, these clusters of adipocytes will reduce. The fat cells will be released and therefore used by your body.

The excess fat is converted into energy: it is the lipolysis (breakdown of fat). Furthermore, the adipocytes don't compress the blood and lymph vessels and water, collagen, oxygen all flow better. Your skin recovers its elasticity!

Three Simple Steps:

1) Use oil, or shower gel if you use the suction cups in the shower. (In order to ensure a good massage, you should never apply the suction cups on dry skin).

2) Evacuate the air of your cup by squeezing in the middle; apply it against the affected skin and release the squeeze. This will produce a suction against your skin.

3) Move the suction cup smoothly in straight-lines, circles and zig-zags for 5 minutes.

Tip: Using both suction cups at the same time, you can easily work on two different areas at once. Daily use, exercising regularly and good hydration are the key to get rid of cellulite.
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