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35 Colour OMG Eyeshadow Palette | Crown Cosmetics

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Showcase US
35 Colour OMG Eyeshadow Palette | Crown Cosmetics
35 Colour OMG Eyeshadow Palette | Crown Cosmetics
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Quality Cosmetics That Unleash Your Inner PRO!

Having trouble getting your hands on Jaclyn Hill's Eyeshadow Palette? It may not be available in Canada, but here's a quality palette that's just as hot!! The 35 Colour OMG Palette by Crown Cosmetics is a highly pigmented eyeshadow palette with a combination of shimmer, matte & foil finishes. The combination of bright and neutral shades in both cool & warm tones is perfect for an everyday look or a bright and vibrant eye.

The 35 Colour OMG Palette is designed to create truly endless looks on any skin tone in various depths. For a bolder look, apply the deeper tones with a firm brush and pack onto the lid or use a pointed crease brush to build depth into the crease. Use any of the mid-tone shades on the lid to soften the lid or to base for a natural everyday look. Choose any of the lighter tones to highlight the browbone and/or inner corner of the eye. All shadows can be used wet or dry. Mirror included inside of palette.

About Crown

The number one goal at Crown is to create professional quality products at highly affordable prices. We believe that everyone should be able to afford products that make them feel good and allow for creative expression. While many companies mark up their prices to reflect the cost of expensive packaging and advertising, we like to keep things simple.

After all, it’s the quality of the product that matters in the end. So just affordable, professional products that are consistently reliable for pros and makeup enthusiasts alike.
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