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Team/Group Sales Program (15% Off Any Tommie Copper Products)


If you’re part of an active local group or team who wants the best in performance and recovery technology, then we want you to join the Tommie Copper Group Sales Program.

Through our program, we strive to develop relationships with athletes at all levels: coaches, players, yoga, palates and crossfit studios, sports teams, fitness instructors, their clients, dojos, running clubs, fitness clubs, cycling clubs, and more!

If your group wants peak performance with the fastest recovery, Tommie Copper has your back!


How To Apply:


We limit the number of acceptances to our Group Sales Program so that we can focus on partnerships that reflect and grow Tommie Copper’s core values. If your team is selected to be part of our program, each member of your group will be awarded a coupon code valid towards a 15% discount on Tommie Copper product.

This coupon may be used online or in-store, and is valid for 60 days.
Tell us a little about you group or team, and how you stay active.