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What is the quality of the Hidden Halo?

The Hidden Halo has 140 grams of the finest quality hair to add instant length and volume. This is the same amount of hair purchased for a full set of clip or bonded extensions.

The Hidden Halo hair is also double drawn hair. This means the strands are the same thickness from root to tip as opposed to hair that becomes wispy at the ends. This process is very laborious, and therefore makes the extensions more expensive, but the best quality.

How does my Hidden Halo stay on?

The invisible wire that the hair extension is attached to simply sits on your head and is undetectable. It takes less than one minute to put on and literally one second to remove. It is perfect to use for anyone with thin or damaged hair because it does not attach with glue, clips or tape causing more problems with your natural hair.

Instead of attaching directly to your own hair, the Hidden Halo uses the weight of your own hair that’s put over the wire to securely lock the extensions in place, instead of attaching the extension to your hair itself. You can wear them to work out, go dancing, any special occasion or all day long … we just don’t recommend swimming or sleeping in your halo (But we know girls that have.)

How do I choose a colour?

Usually we have different colour of hair on the top and underneath our head as well as the ends of our hairs which tend to lighten in time. This is why if you are in between shades we suggest going with the lighter choice or the colour of your hair at the bottom of your hair rather than your roots. Your natural hair will lay on top to mix and will be better a match. Plus it’s best to darken your Hidden Halo and not lighten the colour.

If you find that your blonde Hidden Halo is too warm in tone, try shampooing with a “silver shampoo” or “blue/violet” shampoo for blonde hair and it will make the extension more ashy. Mix the shampoo with water first and don’t let the shampoo sit on your extensions for more than a few minutes and do a test strand first.

How long will my Hidden Halo last?

This will depend on how often you wear it, and how well they are cared for. The lifespan of the Hidden Halo is anywhere from 3 months up to a year or more depending on how often they are worn and taken care of.

For longest use, you will want to avoid excessive heat, excessive brushing or excessive washing.

How often should I wash my Hidden Halo?

The Hidden Halo should be washed every 10-20 wears or when there is too much build up of products and it becomes unmanageable to style. Try to wash it only when absolutely needed. Since the extensions are not attached to your scalp, they won’t receive natural oils like your own hair does so you won’t need to wash it as often as you think. Stay away from shampoos with sulphate in them and use hydrating conditions and heat protectants when styling.

What length should I purchase?

We recommend that your should not choose a length more than twice the length of your normal hair.

Can I colour my Hidden Halo?

Yes! You can colour your extensions to get the perfect match. It is best to choose a colour that is close and to go darker. We do not recommend lightening whatsoever, because the extension has already been colour processed. Just as bleaching agents may cause damage to your own natural hair so can it severely damage the extenions. It’s best to seek professional assistance as we cannot guarantee results or be held responsible for any failed colour attempts. Always try a test strand first.